Bolly DaZz® is an international modern fitness workout program that combines Bollywood flavors with cardio and weight training to achieve a total body workout!


Bolly DaZz® fiesta combines all of the benefits of a high-intensity workout with the energy, fun and excitement of Bollywood dancing. Put together by world-class choreographers and made easy to follow by people of all fitness levels. Bolly DaZz® is sure to become a fitness trend that everyone will fall for.

Our dance curriculum has been designed to burn calories and you’ll have so much fun doing it that you won't even realize you're exercising. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, if you're a dance expert or even if you've never taken a Bollywood step in your life. We’ll ensure you can step up and start to bop Bolly-style from day one. Bolly DaZz® classes are fully adaptable to both body type and existing ability, allowing you to have fun, make progress and avoid any injuries. Plus, as well as burning more calories than you can imagine, the benefits of Bolly DaZz® Fitness include a boost to core strength, the building of lean muscles and lower levels of stress. What's more, you'll have so much fun that you'll turn up to every class with a smile and leave with a bigger one - and you won't be able to wait for the next session.

Bolly DaZz® follows an intermittent training format, alternating high-medium-low intensity exercises, burning more calories per workout, improving fitness levels with exercises, and targeting major muscle groups for an effective workout. All with scintillating Bollywood music to make it an exciting dance and fitness party!

You will surely


A perfect combination of Bollywood dance moves with fitness variations to achieve a total body workout!


Innovative workout routines with a vibrant Bollywood soundtrack that offer a dynamic and fun way to exercise!


Our energetic Bollydance moves make for a great and intensive workout!


An effective and safe Bolly DaZz® class is fun and easily adaptable to all fitness levels.


This is one entertaining, fun and lively Bollywood jam workout!



It doesn't matter what your level, whether you've never taken a single step of Bollywood or any other dance in your entire life, or you’re a dance class regular, we'll ensure you take Bolly DaZz® in your stride right away. Bolly DaZz® classes are fully adaptable to both body type and existing ability, allowing you to have fun, make progress and avoid injury.

As well as burning more calories than you can imagine, the benefits of Bolly DaZz® Fitness include developing greater core strength and those all-important muscles, lowering stress levels - and most importantly of all, having fun! We guarantee you'll leave our classes with a smile on your face and feeling excited about your next session.

Move your body and get motivated by the infectious Bolly DaZz® dance workout!

Move your body and be infectiously motivated by the Bolly Dazz dance workout!




Anjali Savla

Creator & Co-founder

Anjali Savla is a Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bolly DaZz® Fitness LLC. Originally from Mumbai (Bombay), Bollywood choreographer and Fitness Instructor Anjali is a pioneer of Bollywood Dance Fitness. Her ‘East Meets West’ dance fusion and love for Indian music appeal to all dance fitness fans. Anjali is an American Council on Exercise(ACE) Certified Professional, ACE Group Exercise Leadership certified professional and teaches a variety of fitness courses.

Anjali combines her 20 years of Bollywood dance, contemporary western dance, formal Indian classical dance training, and fitness experience to inspire all dance fitness fans, and create awareness about the benefits of Bollywood dance and fitness. Anjali is also a specialist in mass Bollywood workshops, having conducted sessions for up to 6,000 enthusiasts single handedly. Her accomplishments as a Bollywood specialist include her corporate and fitness based team-building sessions, and training sessions to prepare students for dance festivals, TV shows and auditions. She is also Founder and Artistic Director of Bolly Dancing Studio Singapore and Co-Director of Bolly Dancing Studio Mumbai.

Anjali’s passion for dance includes Indian folk dances such as Bhangda, Assami, Dangi, Santhal, Kargattam, Garbo and Gajiyo as well as Tera-Taal and Ghumar. In Western dance she is passionate about Salsa, Hip-Hop, Jive and Jazz, in which she received formal training. Her extensive dancing experience enabled her to train dancers for the Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ starring the famous Indian actor Shahrukh Khan. Anjali has also been called upon to choreograph dances for reality shows. Anjali is the creator of the trademarked courses: BollyDancing, BollywooDBlinG, BollyFitness, BhangraFitness and BollySalsa. Her enthusiasm is contagious while her energy and charisma create a fun environment that makes her trainings exciting and inspiring. Having conducted regular classes and workshops for dancers of all levels, Anjali knows how to bring the best out of the participants, encourage their talents to unfold, and in turn allow them to realize their true potential.


Jasmine Savla

Artistic Director and Co-founder

International Presenter Jasmine Savla is the co-founder & artistic director of Bolly Dazz® Fitness. She has 20 years of experience in the fitness, dance and choreographer field and has trained over 20,000 participants internationally. She is a highly motivated Fitness Specialist & Bollywood Choreographer.

Jasmine has broad experience and the ability to create innovative dance steps in a range of dance practices including Bollywood dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indian Folk, Salsa and Contemporary dances.

She has presented Bolly Dazz® Fitness trainings, master classes and mass events in the US, Singapore, India & Malaysia.

Her extensive experience in Bollywood dancing and fitness classes makes her a Bolly Dazz pro. Jasmine specialises in integrating dance & fitness variations to create high-energy, enjoyable, full body workouts for cardio, toning and overall fitness.


Sejal Savla

Co-founder and President

Sejal is the Co-founder and President of Bolly Dazz® Fitness. She has 26 years of teaching experience. As a true believer in the saying “life is a dance. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow”, Sejal chose to lead a dance class at the age of 16. At first she had only two students, a number which has grown to 10,000 students over the last two decades.

Sejal continues to add awards and certifications to her professional profile. She also supports NGO works and performs charity shows for children and cancer survivors. Sejal is also a national performer, representing India in international dance events held in the United Kingdom, Holland, and France.

In addition to Sejal’s capabilities in Salsa, Jive, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Contemporary, and Jazz, she regularly conducts Bollywood dance and fitness workshops for corporate clients and schools.

Sejal’s certifications include Zumba Fitnes, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids, Zumba Kids Junior, and Piloxing trainer. Her classes are a combination of fitness and fun, imbibing everything she teaches with a burst of entertainment. Don’t worry if you’re new to dancing, because Sejal will encourage you with one of her other favorite sayings; “dance with your heart, and your feet will follow!”


Mihir Wani

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CEO of the novel fitness regime Bolly Dazz Fitness, New York. Mihir roots from Bombay but is an international expat by heart and work. Based in Singapore for the past decade, Mihir travels the world to spread the word of new fitness styles developed in house globally.

Coming from a strong IT background and after working with cutting edge mobile products for 5 years, Mihir used his expertise in IT systems, branding and corporate relations to build his own firm run in Singapore and Bombay known as Bolly Dancing Studio with best in class service with over thousands of satisfied members and counting.

His experience in the fitness industry of 8 years has made him recognized for his ability to combine eastern with western tastes and present never seen before regimes. The vision of making Bolly Dazz Fitness a hip, young & dynamic brand that anyone can relate to and has easy access to, a global company with international instructors embracing it wholeheartedly was successfully achieved by him.

You will find him working out, checking out the latest gadgets, or humming to his favourite Bollywood numbers.