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    Turn up and sweat it out!

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Turn up and sweat it out!

Dazz-ling Bollywood moves to lead you to a new you

Like Bollywood? You’ll love Bolly DaZz!

If you’re a fan of the sounds and sights of Bollywood, you’re going to be crazy about our 60-minute dance-based fitness workout program. Fun, easy-to-follow and fully adaptable to every body type and level of experience, Bolly DaZz® Fitness will have you looking and feeling like a star as you groove your way to a fitter, leaner and more mindful you.

Spice up your classes!

icon_class03 Bolly Dazz is an intermittent training program alternating between slow and fast speed to burn fat and build lean muscle in a short period of time.
icon_class02 Bolly dazz has psychological benefits. Dancing serves as an enjoyable and engaging form of physical activity, it helps to reduce stress and chronic fatigue, improve energy and mood, and increase self-esteem and confidence.
icon_class01 Bolly dazz is a weight-bearing activity, which can improve bone density as well as improve muscle strength, coordination and balance.

Bolly DaZz nourishes your mind, body and soul

While you have the time of your life!

As you dance away to a fusion of modern Bollywood and fitness moves, you'll be having so much fun it won't even feel like a strenuous workout. Our vigorous yet safe full-body dance workout program has been created by world- class choreographers and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified fitness professionals. It includes abdominal, glute and core work, plus cardio and weight training to provide a range of strengthening, stretching, balancing and core exercises. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or come to us with zero previous experience, we’ll have you loving every minute of the route to fitness and wellbeing.

Not just weight loss

Bolly DaZz® Fitness is about total body fitness


Reduced Stress

A truly fun, dance-based workout allows you to release all the pressures of your daily routine, in a setting that's far from intimidating.

Full Body Workout

Our program’s curriculum features a wide range of moves that work from head to toe, strengthening parts of the body you didn’t know existed!

More Lean Muscle

If you’re looking to develop a more muscular, healthy looking body, Bolly DaZz enables you to achieve just that without that familiar fitness struggle.

Bring the Bollywood magic to your gym

Become a Bolly DaZz host

Bolly DaZz can spice up your gym offering with our unique workout that combines intense fitness with pure fun. Let clients tone up and get down when you add Bolly DaZz to your gym’s offering - get in touch with us today to find out how to bring our training to your facility.

Host Bolly DaZz training at your gym

Want to get paid to dance Bollywood style all day long?

Pick up new skills when you train as a Bolly Dazz instructor

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys a new challenge, Bolly Dazz’s Instructor Training offers a fun way to develop your career with this high-intensity, motivating workout program. Our studio-based training sessions and e-learning courses will equip you with the skills you need to inspire others around you to get fit through the Bollywood dance moves they love. You’ll get our full support in offering Bolly Dazz classes, allowing for a fun way to earn a living - not to mention the wonders it will do for your body and mind!

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